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Pet Tips & Links


Veterinary professionals recommend that pets stay at home under the care of a pet sitter instead of being boarded at a kennel. Pets thrive in their own environment and routines, including regular exercise and their normal diet. This relieves stress and anxiety while they are missing their owners. Additionally, pets are vulnerable to illness and getting parasites from other animals while in a kennel environment. Leaving your pet at home under the care of a Whiskers to Tails pet sitter will assure that your pet(s) are safe, happy, and healthy!

Using a W2T professional also avoids needing to ask a neighbor or friend to help watch your pets.  These individuals, including relatives, may be well-intentioned but they usually would "rather not" and have a hard time saying "no".  They are typically not prepared to handle emergencies and provide all the services an animal needs during the owner's absence.  

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